Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Disney's Robin Hood (Golden Press, 1973) pt. 2

I hadn't really thought about it for some time, but years ago, I picked up this book from an eBay auction and didn't realize the added goodies that came with the book.  the contents included the following....

  • 6 newspaper clippings from either The Dallas Times Herald and The Dallas Morning News
  • 1 bookmark from a local book shop in Dallas
  • 1 courtesy card from The Circle Gallery in Dallas
I only had thought to sharing these after noticing this post on another blog I follow up on that showed a video clip of Disney animator Milt Kahl giving an interview for a TV station from the Circle Gallery in Dallas, TX. Thanks to Andreas Deja for providing this.

I figured it was the right time to break these out finally. Enjoy these little scraps of history people!  Click on them to bring them up larger of course.

Disney's Robin Hood (Golden Press, 1973) pt. 1

Some years back I picked up a copy of this Golden Books edition of Robin Hood based on the illustrations alone, and got something nice as a bonus along the way, but that'll come in the second part of this entry. For now, savor at Burny Mattinson's workmanship on this baby!

(back cover)

Saturday, October 06, 2012

The Cartoon Colour Company Catalog (cir. mid-1990's)

Been a long time since I bothered doing anything with this blog, but yesterday, I got a good deal on a used scanner that's a few years old and came with the necessary cords and was only 5 bucks (didn't have to pay a hundred or two this time around).

Bothering to give it a go, I decided to scan something I bothered keeping all these years, the free catalog from the animation supplies firm Cartoon Colour Company of Culver City, CA. The place is still around, but a lot of items contained within these pages are surely gone out of obsolescence. It's fun looking back at what attracted me at such a young analog age!

BONUS: The Cel-Vinyl fold-out color chart!