Monday, December 30, 2013

The 1958 Central Catholic Centripetal

Had nothing better to do but thought to share pages of my mother's yearbook from a Catholic high school she attended 55 years ago.  I especially love the pre-Photoshop era of photo-manipulation going on here, you can't get that unless you know adequate brushwork, rubber cement and X-acto craftsmanship.  The photo of a basketball game alone shaped my view of what I thought high school sports was like before going to high school.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Designs for a Pool Hall

Been a while, and when I was at wit's end, this came to my gaze.

I actually helped this little outfit out last year in providing some drawings I scribbled for possible logos or T-shirt concepts that were submitted to the owners.  Needless to say I was paid a pittance for the whole matter, never pursued any further monetary fees for my rough-drafted originals, and nothing more really.  Here's some sketches I did managed to scan or snapped before either sending it to them as well as some scribbles I sent to a friend recently.

Here's a hoodie and a Tee with finished versions of my designs as rendered by someone else (since I did my work by hand and not with a computer)....

Too bad I didn't have the cash for these right now.  Still it's nice something of mine is shared with the community despite not having my named attached to said work.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Artifacts of a forgotten artist

Went to an estate sale yesterday and came across some interesting pieces of artwork that belong to someone I think went to the same high school I did, though 20 years before and may have taken the Commercial Art course they offered I didn't take (but my brother did). I can't remember his name other than for one piece that he did that put his initials in a logo, "J.P.". I was told he might have been a radio DJ in town though I didn't know more about it other than being told he had passed away and this is why they had the sale there. I tried to go back today but found they were already gone and done, sans for one jukebox waiting to be picked up. I did bother having the foresight to try taking pics of what I could there of this material if it had been sold or still kept by the owner/s. It's a interesting look into a world gone by and a testament to what hand-drawn or plotted work use to be. I especially love the mock album cover for a Village People record.  Enjoy!