Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Designs for a Pool Hall

Been a while, and when I was at wit's end, this came to my gaze.

I actually helped this little outfit out last year in providing some drawings I scribbled for possible logos or T-shirt concepts that were submitted to the owners.  Needless to say I was paid a pittance for the whole matter, never pursued any further monetary fees for my rough-drafted originals, and nothing more really.  Here's some sketches I did managed to scan or snapped before either sending it to them as well as some scribbles I sent to a friend recently.

Here's a hoodie and a Tee with finished versions of my designs as rendered by someone else (since I did my work by hand and not with a computer)....

Too bad I didn't have the cash for these right now.  Still it's nice something of mine is shared with the community despite not having my named attached to said work.

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