Saturday, July 13, 2013

Artifacts of a forgotten artist

Went to an estate sale yesterday and came across some interesting pieces of artwork that belong to someone I think went to the same high school I did, though 20 years before and may have taken the Commercial Art course they offered I didn't take (but my brother did). I can't remember his name other than for one piece that he did that put his initials in a logo, "J.P.". I was told he might have been a radio DJ in town though I didn't know more about it other than being told he had passed away and this is why they had the sale there. I tried to go back today but found they were already gone and done, sans for one jukebox waiting to be picked up. I did bother having the foresight to try taking pics of what I could there of this material if it had been sold or still kept by the owner/s. It's a interesting look into a world gone by and a testament to what hand-drawn or plotted work use to be. I especially love the mock album cover for a Village People record.  Enjoy!

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